Family Portraits

Amy is a West Virginia Family Photographer located in the Fairmont area.

Amy is willing to travel nationwide for portrait sessions.

Family portraits are a special way to show the growth of your family from year to year.  When I was growing up my parents made a point to at least get my photos taken yearly (my brothers were 16-21 years older than me and one lived away) and tried to get a family portrait every few years when all of us were together.  I was proud of our family pictures, I was that kid who hung a family photo in my locker and got teased for it but it's okay.  I knew I was loved and I was part of a family, I would have known that without a photo but it's nice to have that visual keepsake that I'll treasure forever.  Tomorrow isn't guaranteed no matter your age.  Parents, you need to be in the portraits with your children and some of the two of you alone because they want something of you.  They don't care how your hair & makeup are done or what size your clothes are, they love you.