Valentine’s Day is only a short time away!

Be sure to book this limited time Valentine’s Day mini session for your little angel(s)!  Sessions are on February 3rd and are 15 minutes long at my studio in Clarksburg, WV.  Sessions are for up to 3 children.

5 ideas of things to do with your Valentine’s Day cards

Family and Friends

Who wouldn’t love to receive an adorable photo of your baby’s!  The Valentine’s day cards can be used as a book mark, you can see examples further down the page.  These could bring a smile to the face of Grandma, Grandpa, aunts, uncles, friends, and church members or members of an organization you are close with.  This little momento can be saved or used (you could also give them two, one for each!).

Kids at school

Everyone is always looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day card to pass out at school.  Even though kids may not pay much attention to the personal touch now, they will appreciate them later on if their parents save them.  I have photos from kids at school (not just senior photos) that I put with my yearbooks and occasionally pull out when I’m feeling nostalgic.  As a kid I wouldn’t have saved these, thankfully my mom knew they would be appreciated later and kept them.


These cards are a great momento to keep in your scrapbooks no matter if they are just an album or elaborate with lots of photos and personalization.  You can put these cards with the photos of their Valentine’s Day party at school.

Mail them to the soldiers

Soldiers’ Angels 

Mail your cards & $1 per card to:

Soldiers’ Angels 2700 NE Loop 410, Suite 310, San Antonio, Texas 78217

This organization mails the cards to deployed troops as well as VA hospitals.  I’m sure the veterans and soldiers would love to receive a cute little thank you in the mail to brighten up their day!  There is a $1 fee per card sent, but it goes to a good cause so I think it would worth it!  Maybe your little ones will receive a reply back from one of their heros! 

Contact the local children’s hospital or nursing home to see if you send them or can personally pass them out

Imagine the faces of children in the hospital who get a Valentine’s Day card from your children.  It can help them feel remembered and teach your children the satisfaction of doing something thoughtful for someone they don’t even know.  I personally know that people in the nursing home love to recieve cards.  I worked in nursing homes for a few years and it amazes me how much a resident’s face will light up when they see little kids visiting.  If you would like to do this, please make sure it is okay to visit the children’s hospital or the nursing home before planning a trip there.  If you are unable to visit, you can always see if you can send them or drop them off for the workers to pass out.



You can also add on accordion mini books to give as gifts to grandparents, aunts, uncles, or close friends.  These mini books come in sets of 3 so you can keep one and share the others!


Package A  $200

All digital images to download
(3) 3x3 accordion mini books

Package B  $150

5 digital images
40 Valentine’s Day cards

Package C  $100

40 Valentine’s Day cards

$50 is due up front to book your session.

Click here to book

Design for 3x3 accordion mini book

Designs for Valentine’s Day cards

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