Sometimes one life plan isn’t enough… 

This is part one of my journey to become a photographer.

Not all people find the job that makes them happy right away.  Sometimes it takes many career changes and even more years.  Some people aren’t lucky enough to find something they love to do.  I’m one of the lucky ones but I didn’t plan to become a photographer until I was one.  I hope this series will help someone try something new and find that one thing they love to do.

I never meant to become a photographer, I meant to become a scientist.

When you are a little kid you have all of these big dreams and aspirations.  You might want to become an astronaut, actor/actress, farmer, doctor, etc but in the end how many of us actually become what we aspired to be?  In my case, from 3rd-4th grade I wanted to be a scientist.  In my mind a scientist studied animals, organisms in a microscope, and constellations.   I didn’t realize each of those were different specializations, I just knew I wanted to do what they did.

I loved animals and wanted to learn everything I could about them.  

My favorite animal of all was the cheetah.  I loved how sleek and fast they were and I read every book about them I could find.  Between books from the school library and the Discovery channel, I was a walking well of information.   Most kids want a pony at some point but I wanted an Arabian Stallion or a Pinto.  I loved the idea of being on a tall horse galloping through the countryside.  If there was a book about horses, I wanted to read it.  

I became interested in microscopes and looking at organisms.  

One Christmas  my parents gave me a microscope with a screen instead of an eye piece.  I looked at the slides they included with it over and over.  It was so amazing how things so small could be seen so easily on my screen and I could magnify it to look even closer!  I tried to look at everything in that microscope and eventually the bulb burned out.

Looking at stars in a telescope is a lot like looking at slides in a microscope.

The same Christmas I was given a telescope by Santa.   It was so exciting when my dad and I found Mars the first time.  I was also given a star globe that cast a diagram of the stars on the walls.  The globe also came with a cassette tape with stories about all the constellations.  I would take baths and listen to it until the water got cold. 

June milky way nigh sky over Keyser, WV by west virginia photographer amy sine

Milky way night sky over Keyser, West Virginia.  Click on the photo to purchase a print from my store.

No, when I was 8-10 years old, my dreams had nothing to do with being a photographer.


Do you want to see an aspiring scientist turned photographer’s work?  Go to my website and check out my portfolio!


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