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When your baby is born you want to have some photos from the hospital to commemorate their birth right?  While some hire a photographer to capture these real moments other want to capture some themselves so here is a list of shots along with a gallery to help you with some inspiration!

Baby faces

Who doesn’t love those little scrunchy baby faces?  The smiles, calm stares, cross eyed looks, and even crying are all part of your child’s personality.  You’ll see some if not all of these faces throughout the entire time they are growing.

awake Newborn boy in hospital outfit being held by mom

Little details

Be sure to capture the little details like hands and feet.  When they are first born their little hands and feet are wrinkly and adorable.  You can also take a photo of their inky hands and feet after they get their hand and foot prints done.

close up of newborn boy hand

Photos with Mommy and Daddy

Be sure to let your family and friends capture a few moments of both of you together with your new bundle of joy!  You’ll truly cherish these memories later!

Newborn boy in hospital room being held by parents while sitting on couch

Photos with Momma!

Momma’s sometimes try to stay out of the photos but it is very important to be sure to include her in them.  To make her feel better, let her know ahead of time so she can clean up.  It doesn’t have to be a photo right after birth but just a photo in the moments you are at the hospital.

Newborn boy in hospital room being held by mom while sitting on bed

Photos with daddy!

Dad’s are guilty of trying to stay out of photos as well.  Be sure to snag a couple so everyone can see the love and pride on their faces as well.

Newborn boy in hospital room being held dad

Photos with family and friends who visit

Those who you love and trust enough to invite to see your new baby while you are in the hospital should definitely be a part of your scrap book!  Be sure to catch them not only looking at you but catch the look of love they have for your baby as well.  You aren’t the only ones with baby love!

newborn boy being held by grandma in the birth center room

Baby laying in the bassinest

Although we love seeing the love between momma, daddy, and family/friends in photos, the star of the show needs a little photo shoot time as well!  Your baby being swaddled and placed in the bassinest gives you a chance to capture not only the cute faces but photos of your baby in the hospital room.  You can take these photos with the hospital room in the background to be sure to remember the area your baby started their life.

newborn boy in birth center room wrapped up laying in bassinet

Last but certainly not least, just capture the random moments of love!

I’ve given you a list and I’ll add a list of shots other than these you can capture, but most importantly capture the moments that are very real.  The love, pride, tears of joy, and elation that this precious baby has made their way into the world after 9 months of waiting.

Newborn boy in birth center room being held and being kissed by mom

Some of these photos I’m going to mention may be when hospital staff are in the room.  If there is hospital staff in the room, do not take the photos without asking if they are okay with being in the photo.  This at least gives them a chance to protect their own privacy by either asking someone else who is comfortable to do the task or hiding their name badges.  If you are told no completely then understand that sometimes there are  hospital policies that prevent them from allowing such photos.  As important as the photos are to you, remember this is someone’s job and they aren’t just being mean.

Additional Photos you can take or family/friends can take for you are:

  1. wrist bracelets
  2. bassinest tag with baby’s info including “It’s a Girl/Boy!”
  3. baby being weighed
  4. hand and footprints being stamped
  5. baby’s first bath
  6. expression on mom/dad’s face when baby arrives (take this photo from closer to mom/dad (don’t want to show anything private!)  Also remember that hospital staff will be around the bed so you can try to get an opening but don’t be upset if they are in your way, again they are only doing their job.
  7. time on clock when baby is born
  8. dad cutting the cord
  9. baby under lamp if they are jaundice
  10. leaving the hospital

Remember, these photos are great to have but being present in the moment is what is important.  A photographer’s job is to capture the moments without being in the moment, family and friends are meant to be there and not behind a camera trying to catch all the moments.  These images are just some that are nice to have to remember.

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