Boudoir sessions are January 27th from 10-3.  Sessions are 20 minutes long and start at $175.  Included in the starting fee is 10 digital images and a 5x5 little black book.  $75 is due up front to book and then there will be a viewing and ordering appointment the following week to choose digital images and images for little black book.


Why should you do a boudoir session?


1.  You’ll look great!

Get your hair and makeup done, pick out some sexy lingerie, and grab those really high heels out of the closet.  With a professional photographer posing you, you’ll feel like the sexiest version of yourself and that would boost anyones confidence.  When you finish your sesssion, you should have a girls night out or a date with your someone special!



2.  It’s a great gift for yourself

You know how hard it can be to bring yourself around to doing something to spoil you, especially if you have kids.  This is something that you can do for yourself!  Some of us are not the best at doing our hair and makeup (my hand shooting up in the air), so this is a chance to really have a day for you.

3,  It’s a great gift for that someone special

What are you going to get your someone special for Valentine’s Day?  A little black book of the photos from your boudoir shoot would be a great gift to give them!  It’s a win-win, you get to get dressed up and feel sexy and they get to see how sexy you look anytime they want.  It’s a gift they won’t soon forget.  These sessions are on the 27th so you can get the little black books back in time for them to be a gift!

4.  Getting married?

Bridal boudoir is something great to give your soon to be spouse on the night before the wedding.  Bring your veil and garter and enjoy the extra attention!

What should you bring to your boudoir shoot?


I know this may seem a little obvious but lingerie doesn’t just have to be the cute little nightgown.  You can use a matching bra and panty set covered with a silky robe.  Bring out the high heels to go with your outfit to add a little extra sexy!  If you are having the photos done for your someone special, you can bring some jewelry that they bought you to make it more special for them.  Longer necklaces can be a great prop to use in your session.  You can also use an oversized sweater with some cute underwear.  Buy or bring something that fits you and that you feel is true to who you are.


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