About Me

Five Photography Related Facts

  1. I became a photographer at 25 after getting a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in HR.  No, photography wasn't my plan.
  2. I learned the majority of what I know by many many hours of trial and error.  I've also taken many online courses to help me with my newborn work.
  3. I am currently working towards receiving my certification in photography through Professional Photographers of America.  After I receive my certification I will begin working towards my Master of Photography or possibly Master Artist degrees, I haven't decided which yet.  Eventually I would like to teach newborn photography.
  4. I can't draw a straight line to save my life, I also can't freehand paint although I wanted to be able to do so when I was a child.  I have a software now that allows me to paint over a photo, learn more about this on my fine art information page.
  5. Causes I support in my business are the Resolve Foundation which advocates for infertility awareness, Military programs such as the USO and Toys for Tots, and WVU Children's Medicine.

If you would like to find out more about my sessions and what I offer please contact me about a consultation.  Consultations are free with no pressure to book.

The Person Behind the Lens

West Virginia Newborn Photographer

Hello everyone!  Thank you for stopping by to learn more about me.  My specialty is maternity, newborn, and first year photography (if you didn't notice all of the adorable babies already!). Let's be honest, I do it for the cuddles and I even have the shirt that says this that I wear during newborn sessions!  I do accept additional portrait session such as family, senior, engagement, glamour, and head shots as well as commissioned paintings.

In all seriousness, I do love newborn babies.  I have so much fun putting little hats and dainty headbands on them as well as using my ever growing stockpile of props.  Yes I am that photographer who walks around every store and says to herself "can I fit a baby in that?"

I want for you to get to know me because if you book with me you will be trusting me with your precious new bundle of joy and I take your trust very seriously.  This is why I try to do in person consultations with everyone so that not only you will feel more comfortable with me, but I with you.

To help you get to know me better, here are 10 personal facts and 10 photography related facts about me.

Ten personal facts:

  1. My name is Amy Sine (I know kind of obvious with my business name)
  2. I was born and raised in Keyser, WV which is about 2 hours from me now.  I am from a tight knit family and I visit at least one weekend a month.
  3. I'm a Christian saved by grace and have been a part of the church for all my life.  I definitely miss my family church back home but have found a nice church here.  God has been in my life to help me through all the changes, lead me to my love of photography, and given me the strength to take on being a business owner.
  4. I've been married since 2009 to my hubby Randy.
  5. I have a 17 year old stepson named Jacob who loves watching and reading about sports.  If you love sports feel free to strike up a conversation with him and watch him light up.
  6. I have a very solid 20ish lb dog named Fred who is a pug and dachshund mix.  He sounds bigger than he is when he barks at the door but once you get inside he will want nothing more than to love on you.  Unfortunately he does like to jump up on your legs and for that reason I try to keep him out of the way when people are here.
  7. I have a cat named Smurf.  He is an indoor/outdoor cat so chances are you won't get to meet him.
  8. We are a hunting/fishing family.  You can kind of guess when you walk into my house since my living room is mostly deer decorations (and angels which are my thing).
  9. My hobbies other than photography are:  playing the piano, softball, swimming, kayaking, reading, exploring new areas (with photo shoot locations in mind of course), watching musicals in theater,  fishing, hunting, archery (target shooting), gardening only at my parents house for now, and back porch sitting with some coffee or sweet tea.
  10. I am my own person.  I am a bit awkward but friendly.  I'm stuck in my head a lot during photo shoots because I envision what I'm shooting.  I have a semi dry sense of humor so if I don't laugh if you make a joke, chances are I didn't get it.  I'm okay with who I am, I know I'm odd but I'm friendly and I love photography.
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June milky way nigh sky over Keyser, WV by west virginia photographer amy sine

Next Steps...

To find out more about my newborn portrait experience contact me via phone or e-mail to set up a consultation.